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We hope you had a chance to read "Lost Footsteps" and enjoyed reading it. He's working on the next book or short story at work. We hope you come back and check for any new books of mine or short stories. Thanks for stopping by!

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ABOUT DAN   Dan’s book went around the world in 30 countries around the world and 23 online stores, and ten brick-and-mortar stores worldwide. With the publishing of his first novel, "LOST FOOTSTEPS.", he has other upcoming novels and planned and working on the next book. He enjoys reading and work in the fine arts, music. he also enjoys Amateur radio, shortwave and the great outdoors, like, cycle touring, hiking and being on the water. He now lives on the West Coast of Florida in Dunedin, where he lived for the past eight years. He came from New England and moved around in youth to different states with his family. He always enjoy reading and stories and met different people and different stores, which now he sometimes use the people or events that happen to them or himself in the past in his novels or short stores.

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New Title is in the works

I'm actively working on a new fiction novel that should be out in the first part of the new year. It will be a suspense-thriller-Conspiracy novel.

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