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Jack sails to Hawaii after being let go from his job and losing his family. Jack sails to the Hawaiian islands, where he works as a captain on a tour boat until the call of the sea, and he decides to sail to Australia. Three days into the Australia voyage, Andora was lost in a storm, and Jack's raft landed on an unknown island. Jack has to survive only on what he learned in a survival book.
   What he experienced and came up against on the Island gave him pause about his past and the breakup of his family. He sees where things went wrong and how he treated his family and others. So Jack keeps a nightly watch on the highest point on the Island and prays for a passing ship. And hope to return to his family and make things right.

Not yet published


Tom awakes from a dream about his family that might be linked to his time away from his family as a long-haul trucker. The guilt of the past surrounds him as he sits staring out the window, looking for ways to get his family back. He searches where he met his wife Donna for clues to where she and his two boys are to get them back.

Not yet published

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