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              TERRY HILL

                                     Family secrets of the past

New in 2023 in Paperback, Kindle, and E-book

Ronda sat on her patio and watched the sunrise in deep thought about her family, after b from her father at four in the morning. After her father received a strange call about his New York City detective father, who was found wandering the streets of lower Manhattan in an incoherent state of mind, her grandfather was sent to Terry Hill Hospital for observation. Not long after died without an autopsy or a reason for his death.

It was up to Ronda to find out who was behind the call to her father and the fretting call against her father and the family. But first, she had to uncover what happened in the family's past. Her search takes her through old records and inside the old abandoned hospital campus where her grandfather died. Ex Naval officer Tom Hanson is a Terry Hill security guard who helps her solve the family's forty-six-year mystery.

Suspense-thriller Mystery Novel. 


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