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Tom awakes from a dream about his family that might be linked to his time away from his family as a long-haul trucker. The guilt of the past surrounds him as he sits staring out the window, looking for ways to get his family back. He searches the place where he met his wife Donna for clues to where she and his two boys are to get them back.

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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

I am currently working on a short store that I hope will be published in a magazine this year. It's an adventure story on the high seas. Also hoping for a new novel title to be published this year.

Jack sails to Hawaii after being let go from his job and losing his family. So he set sail for Hawaii and takes a job at a Yacht club. Then, Jack set sail again to Australia. Unfortunately, Andora sinks three days after leaving Hawaii in a severe storm. Jack finds himself stranded on an uncharted island where he has to survived on his own. He learns the truth about himself and what might be his end on a secluded island.

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