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"Our footsteps always leads us back to those we love" Tim reads a poem in a magazine at an airport on returning home from a war in the Middle East war that gave him pause about the steps he took in the past. On his arrival home, his family and the people in his hometown acted strangely towards him. They were put off by returning from the war. He found himself caught in a triangle between his high school love and the love he met during the war. His journey takes him to find the truth about his past and the people around him while searching for the love he left behind. Tim Warner returned home from the war with more than the tragic experience of politics and war during his two-year tour of duty. During his time overseas, he found the true love Venda that he found and lost her, which made him question himself, his past, and his footsteps. After reading a poem at the airport in Germany on his way home. On his return to his small hometown, he found that things had changed since being overseas. Not only did people act oddly towards him, but His ex-girlfriend had a baby and with a long-time school bully Ed Murphy and antagonist between Ashley and Tim. But what about the Baby? He flees his small hometown to Boston after close calls and strange behavior that kept happening. In Boston, he meets a fellow Ex-Marine Stanley from his unit in the Middle East; that helps him find a job and a place to stay and helps him find Venda again.


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